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Something has become clear to Casey and I: as Krauter Photography, we needed to change our name. Gasp! Major, unforeseen plot twist for us.

No offense to our strong, German last name, but it has proven to be difficult to say, spell, find, and doesn’t speak much to our mission. We wanted to better communicate our heart behind our business and connect with those who share our excitement for life, sense of adventure, and attention to creating beauty in everything around us.

In the process of changing our business name I was prompted to think of words that were meaningful to me, as well as key words that describe our business. Words like intentional, uplifting, adventurous, organic, intimate, peaceful, and natural made this list. These words, while accurate, didn’t feel quite right. There was still something missing. However, the word “Leon”, my late grandfather’s name, came to mind effortlessly, like it was meant to be.

One of my first memories in life is feeling my grandfather’s big, soft, floppy ear and realizing how tiny my little hand was in comparison. I was completely enamored with him and he didn’t ever seem to mind. My time with him as a little girl, walking closely even through his battle with cancer and death, changed me. It’s made me who I am today.

Thinking about my grandparents’ impact made me really evaluate the life we are building and the legacy we are leaving. Who am I? What is my legacy? This question feels too big. I’m so young, so unsure of most things. But one thing I feel sure of is that the biggest mistake I could continue to make would be to declare nothing, speak nothing, or assume I have a lifetime to figure it all out.

One day while I was journaling, it hit me so hard. All we have is now. Now is the only real reality. I cannot wait until I’m 80 years old to leave my legacy, when I am wise and certain. I cannot let fear stop me from speaking my truth now. As a friend, wife, nurse, sister, it has always been about reminding people of who they are.

Now with photography, it looks like creating a comfortable space, speaking truth and providing proof with our photos. My hope is to set people free to love who they truly are, love who they see, and to feel empowered to rise to their fullest potential, the way I too have been set free. At the end of this specific journal entry, without thinking, and with tears falling down my face, I wrote, “Love, Leon”. I knew he was with me. And I knew that this was the new name for Krauter Photography.

Casey walked through the door from work, “Are you OK?!”

“Yes, I am OK.”

I know where I come from.

So I know who I am.

I don’t have to fear.

I am free to do things my own way, in my own time. To figure things out as I go; to share my ever-evolving love letter – my legacy – as it unfolds. Who am I to live this uncertain, ever-evolving legacy now?

I am Leon. I am a part of his legacy, reading and deciphering his love letter while writing my own.

Through this change, I realized the theme of love letters was central to who Casey and I are and our dreams for Love, Leon. So from this day forward, we promise to write you love letters, reminding you of who you are – wildly capable, beautiful, talented, unique, worthy, and in your core, love and light.

August 14, 2018

Krauter Photography is now Love, Leon.