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We consider ourselves Boulder focused photographers, although we live just outside of Boulder, Colorado in a burb called Longmont. Since being here we’ve had the privilege to photograph some awesome friends and families and we’ve learned a thing or two about photographing the Boulder, Colorado area of the front range. We decided to share our knowledge with ya’ll!

We have compiled a listing for great spots to shoot when deciding where to get your photos taken in and around Boulder, CO. The beauty of the Front Range is that you can go just a few miles into the mountains and find a secluded area or public land that can give you an amazing backdrop to some insanely beautiful photos. The problem is that most people aren’t scouting out areas to get photos taken at in their free time. So, we have done a bit of this for you.  Consider some of our favorite spots the next time you’re trying to figure out where to get some amazing photos taken!

#1. Chautauqua Park

This iconic location is definitely our top favorite for Boulder.  It has amazing backdrops for both mountains and front range views, as well as the ability to view all of Boulder looking towards the northeast.  The Flatirons are definitely the hero and rightly so.  There is a ton of open space and meadow area to get wide open shots as well as pine and rock outcroppings.  Come during early sunrise the morning time to beat the crowds and get some magical golden light.

#2. Lost Gulch

This is an epic location with a really dramatic backdrop.  You can see all of the distant mountain ranges on the continental divide and the craggy rock makes for an intense setting.  Use caution here because the footing can be a bit tricky on the boulders in the area.  We recommend hitting this in the early morning as the su hits the distant mountains in our to get some awesome pinks and purples or come at sunset for a golden hour that is out of this world.

#3. Dowdy Draw

We love this place because it is an easy stroll to find some pretty meadow areas with the Flatirons as your backdrop to the northwest.  Open sweeping views or pine and meadow make this a beautiful location.  It’s an easy meeting point for folks coming up from the Golden, CO area.

#4. Rocky Mountain National Park

If you’re going to do a large scale shoot with a lot of fanfare, you may need to get a permit to be able to photograph inside the park, but for the photographer with a concealable camera, this is a great area to get some epic shots.  If you can, go early into the park (just drive through the front gate) before the gates “officially” open and there is free entrance (typically before 8am).  Drive along the main road towards the Alpine Visitor’s center and find a spot pretty much anywhere to get some beautiful backdrops.  You can also go up the Fall River road (one-way) up to the Alpine Visitor’s center, which is a cool route as well (beware that most of it is gravel and can get bumpy, but worth it).

Obviously this is a short list of our favorites, but there are plenty of other spots around Boulder to get some iconic front range, Flatirons, deep green pine, canyon craggy views and epics mountain backdrops.  Don’t settle for boring photos when you live in an area that can afford some of the most epic backdrops the US has to offer.

December 27, 2023

Best Spots for a near Boulder Photoshoot