we had the honor of being invited into the morrison’s beautiful home to photograph them and their newborn baby, dakota, for an in-home session. we loved how moody and intimate these family photos turned out and the coziness really came through the shots. what a sweet time of life for this family living their greatest […]

Something has become clear to Casey and I: as Krauter Photography, we needed to change our name. Gasp! Major, unforeseen plot twist for us. No offense to our strong, German last name, but it has proven to be difficult to say, spell, find, and doesn’t speak much to our mission. We wanted to better communicate […]

As Casey and I wade through the intricacies of moving across the world and truly relying on one another for the first time in our marriage, I’m reminded of these vows- “My purpose is to cherish and protect your joy.” What a noble and worth while mission for the one you love, right? I’ve struggled […]