We consider ourselves Boulder focused photographers, although we live just outside of Boulder, Colorado in a burb called Longmont. Since being here we’ve had the privilege to photograph some awesome friends and families and we’ve learned a thing or two about photographing the Boulder, Colorado area of the front range. We decided to share our […]

As Casey and I wade through the intricacies of moving across the world and truly relying on one another for the first time in our marriage, I’m reminded of these vows- “My purpose is to cherish and protect your joy.” What a noble and worth while mission for the one you love, right? I’ve struggled […]

Wabi-Sabi Why share my imperfect self? Because “a real sign of progress is when we stop punishing ourselves for our imperfections.” Because we have to be real with each other. Because I have a love/ hate relationship with social media. Because I’ve been struggling with a part of my body for as long as I […]